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An ESRC funded project
PI- Dr Cordelia Freeman, University of Exeter

In this research project I am examining the experiences of pregnant people in Latin America who are forced to travel across borders for abortion care or transport abortion medication due to barriers preventing them from receiving care close to home. I am exploring the barriers that prevent people from receiving safe, legal abortions in three countries in Latin America (Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala) and the strategies they devise to resist these barriers to seek reproductive healthcare through travel.

Abortion Mobilities: Welcome

Research Collaborations

Abortion Mobilities involves a number of collaborative projects with partners who work on abortion access and activism in Latin America. These pages will be updated as the results of the collaborations are completed.

Graphic Novel with Fondo MARIA

This project involved a collaboration with Mexico City based organisation Fondo MARIA to create a graphic novel that told the experiences of accessing an abortion in Mexico. The novel, Será Deseada, follows the stories of three women who all seek to end their unwanted pregnancies. It is free to read and download here.

Abortion Mobilities: Research
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